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Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. (IES) provides consulting and technical services through our three divisions in the areas of Environmental Protection, MMR / UXO Services, and CO2 Reduction Technology. We are delighted to share with you some highlights of our 18 year growth from an environmental services company to the three divisions we have today.

Contributing to the global fight against climate change, IES has partnered in a CO2 reduction technology (patent pending) that converts CO2 emissions to graphite and oxygen. The technology breaks the carbon dioxide molecule to its elements at ambient temperature and pressure with far less energy expenditure than currently available technologies can provide. Moreover, the technology can also simultaneously reduce CO2, NOx, SOx and other greenhouse gases commonly found in the flue gas of carbon emission sources, thus significantly reducing the construction costs of new power plants. In addition to lower construction costs, the graphite end-product can be sold to industry to generate revenue and oxygen can be used to boost boiler’s combustion efficiency. This breakthrough technology has performed consistently for more than two years in the laboratory. Once demonstrated in a commercial setting, this technology will not only add a proven, powerful tool to a broad suite of technological options to reduce carbon emissions, but can also revolutionize the approach in fighting climate change.

In addressing environmental challenges like climate change and hazardous waste cleanup, one of the universal challenges for every client is having complete, accurate and current project data available for project staff and decision makers when they need it most. Incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date data often lead to decisions that adversely affect a company's reputation, liability and the bottom line. When millions of dollars in environmental cleanup liability/costs are at stake or human lives and public safety are threatened, IES provides a thorough understanding of site conditions before expensive field operations are commenced.

Carbon Positive

Human activities impacting global climate change can be divided into three different types of categories: carbon negative, carbon neutral and carbon positive. Find out more

Founded in 1995, IES has built a solid, unmatched reputation for innovation, responsiveness, technical excellence and effectiveness for its services.

IES, headquartered in the Southern, California, a SBA certified Small Disadvantaged Business, and a U.S. DOT certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). 

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